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Powered with the latest Intel 6th Gen Skylake processor, Skyline media processing platform significantly increases media processing performance, providing high performance price ratio and high computing density.


With rapid development of mobile Internet, wide usage of intelligent terminals, continuous broadening of network access bandwidth, and comprehensive popularity of social media, there are more and more applications of video media, such as security, broadcasting, and new media. New challenges on computing performance and density are raised for media processing platform, which is the core of video media encoding, decoding and transcoding. EmbedWay Technologies meets the challenge with the latest Intel 6th Gen Skylake processor, providing Skyline high density media processing platform with high performance price ratio.


》High density: 2U height, 4 channels of independent pluggable nodes, maximum 16 Skylake E3/i7 CPU integrated in one chassis

Top core graphics: Integrating Intel Iris Pro Graphics P580 GT4e core graphics, 72 execute unit/128MB cache

Modular design: Adopting Intel 2U four-node architecture modular design

Flexible expandability: Flexible configuration and online upgrade from one node to four nodes

Power saving: Adopting embedded low power processor, less than 1000W in full configuration

Easy maintainence: Hot pluggable for processing module, power module, and HD tray. Supporting Intel AMT (Active Management Technology)



High density, 16 independant CPU system within 2U room

Adopting Intel standard 2U 4 node chassis for 4 E3 processor nodes

Each E3 node includes 4 CPU systems, with integrated GE switch network

Each CPU system supports 1 Intel 6th Gen Skylake E3 processor

Each CPU s ystem supports 2 solts of DDR4 ECC memory, maximum 32GB

Each CPU system supports 1 2.5" SATA/SSD HD and 1 SATA DOM

Modular design, processor node, HD and power tray are pluggable

Dual redundant power module, hot pluggable

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