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OptiWay MX

OptiWay MX is a traffic collection and distribution platform for mobile core network, targeting for front-end solution of telecom value added service, operation and maintenance of network optimization, monitoring system in 2G/3G/LTE or WLAN network.

Based on standard ATCA telecommunication platform, Optiway MX provides high reliability and expandability, adaptive for diverse requirements, such as complicated traffic parsing and matching, and application based processing. It keeps the steps of new network application evolution with high-end mobile core network and value added services.

Carrier-grade system architecture

Conforming to PICMG3.0/3.1 standard (ATCA), high reliability and maintainability

Carrier boards, power modules and fan entries are hot-swappable

Supporting standard IPMB management and power management

High capacity of traffic access and output

Supporting maximum 280G IP traffic or 40G GTP traffic access on single board

Supporting maximum 3360G IP traffic or 480G GTP traffic access in whole system

Abundant interface support

Supporting multi-rate Ethernet interface, such as GE, 10GE, and 40GE

Innovative classification mechanism

Classification based on L3 to L7 information

Converging and distributing based on GTP session

    * Supporting GTP-C/U related distribution for GTPv0/v1, as well as GTP-U distribution only

    * Supporting load-balance forwarding by IMSI or GTP inner IP

    * Supporting related forwarding of primary and second session for GTPv1

    * Supporting extracting inner IP packet of GTP-U and re-encapsulation to standard Ethernet packets

Supporting related distribution on Gn and Gi

Supporting traffic filtering, copying and converging

Supporting identification and reassembling of IP fragmentation packet

Diverse maintaining method

Managing by serial terminal

Managing by telnet, rsh or ssh remotely

Supporting configuration (file) importing and exporting

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