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Embedway Officially Joins OCP Community

Date: 2016-12-02

OCP (Open Compute Project) is a non-profit program established by Facebook in 2011. Covering the fields of server, storage, data center and the Internet, OCP is committed to building the most beneficial computing configuration with the minimum cost. By virtue of open software and hardware, OCP aspires to undertake the grand causing with industrial counterparts.

As of now, over 200 high-tech enterprises have joined OCP, including Intel, Broadcom, VMware, HP, Dell, Microsoft, Apple and Google. With the involvement of more major players, OCP has developed a wider and in-depth influence in the IT industry, thus exerting a far-reaching impact on the data center construction. As a pioneer in open networks, OCP is redefining the hardware, making it more efficient, more flexible and with enhanced expansibility. Through concerted efforts to the make IT infrastructure of black box available, the OCP community aims to offer more options, customize products and save costs

As a leading solution provider for smart systems in China, Embedway Technology boasts a strong capability in hardware and software development. It has supplied multiple integrated computing platforms with high density and outstanding performance, ranging from switches all the way to computing. Embedway recognizes the open concept of OCP, and officially joins in OCP community today, in the hope of contributing to the community development with its own advantages. The newly released ExSwitch6400 series of SDN Whitebox Switch not only comply with the OCP hardware design specification, but support OCP ONIE and SAI, as well as the OSN operating systems, including OpenSwitch.

It is believed that through the extensive use of open specifications and designs based on the open source projects, more users will involve in the efforts to design more open source hardware and data center configuration, which will surely facilitate the development of open hardware market. By following the trends of open infrastructure, Embedway actively participates in the OCP community development, and draws upon the collective strength to build the future network infrastructure.